I see a lot of newbie graphics designers trying to get successful with the skills they have just learned. However, nothing beats experience. A lot of my fellow designers come to me for advice about the important qualities of graphics. For me, there are four things that really separate good graphics from GREAT graphics: smoothness, speed, consistency, and details.
Let’s talk about these things one by one:

When you’re playing on an online casino, you want to have the most realistic experience possible, and this includes the smoothness of the games. When games have a smooth transition, you will enjoy the gameplay even more! Plus, it’s easier to lose yourself in the gameplay when the graphics and animation are smooth.
In the same vein, jerky and stunted graphics are intrusive and bothersome when you are playing. They can make you angry and also affect your performance significantly.

The speed of the games is important! No one wants to wait around for games to load, and no one wants their gaming experience ruined because the games suddenly start buffering! Can you imagine playing slots and watching the reels spin over and over without end?
The casinos I have worked with have worked hard to ensure that the games are quick, responsive, and will give you a realistic experience when you are playing. If you’re playing slots on these online casinos, you will feel like you’re sitting in Vegas. If you’re playing live dealer games, you’ll be playing in real-time as well. It is not the fact that the better the graphics, the slower the game will be. All matters on the optimization of the game and quality graphics that use as low space as possible.

Sometimes you want to play on online casinos while on your desktop, and other times you might want to play on your mobile phone. The best online casinos offer consistent gameplay no matter where you play on. Whether you’re playing on a limited smartphone screen or your large desktop monitor, the animation and graphics will remain the same. Of course, the gameplay remains the same as well. It may be a hard thing to pull off, but successful online casinos can make it possible with the help of experienced graphics designers.

Any good graphics designer worth his salt knows that it is the small details that can make or break an experience, and great online casinos take a lot of care to focus on the little details. Slot machines must look like their real-life counterparts, down to the appearance of the reels and even the lever! If you’re playing on the tables, the cards must look like they’re real. Yes, even if they are animated, bad edges and sloppy graphics can still create issues by reducing the details. No matter how fast a game is, if you don’t see the details clearly, you will have a bad experience.
Details are important because they solidify the online casino experience and make it just like the real thing!