I get asked the question about what freelance graphic designers do fairly regularly. Even my own mum complains that I don’t have a real job like being a lawyer or a doctor, and even when I patiently explain that being a freelance graphic designer or a graphic designer is a real job she will humorously say: “Well you could have had a real job like being a doctor like your father or you could have been a lawyer like your cousin!”. Burn. My mum is definitely a character who enjoys “torturing” me, although I know that it is in good sport. Still, despite what my mum thinks and what some random people I come across sometimes think, freelance graphic designing is a real profession, and it is a profession I enjoy greatly. I think freelancing greatly benefits designers who are passionate and dedicated about creating something unique and appealing for the world to witness.

Being a graphic designer means you create imagery, text, or moving graphics that can be used for many things. In simpler words, there are endless possibilities of what a graphic designer can create. The skills of a graphic designer are hugely used to do brand and product marketing. Also, media, advertising, and printed things are typically the kind of things that graphic designers handle. Therefore, our work drastically impacts how a digital campaign is perceived by the masses, and that too on a very large scale since the reach of digital media is soaring higher after each passing day.

Being an experienced graphic designer, I am well versed in using graphic design software like Corel Draw Graphics Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as Adobe Photoshop. Since I love utilizing time to the fullest, I work with a lot of clients and do multiple jobs sometimes at the same time, which is why it is necessary for me to be well-organized and efficient at getting work done on time. I make sure that my time is managed efficiently so that my clients get completed assignments on time. Discipline plays a very important role for me since it is one of the must-have traits that my field of work requires.

If you are a full-time freelance graphic designer, problem-solving and art skills are also required in addition to good graphic design skills. Being a designer, you have to develop a sense of taste regarding what sits well with the audience you are catering to. You have to realize what speaks well to people and what doesn’t really strike a chord with people who look at the graphics of your design. Skills also play a huge role in your growth as a working graphic designer. Artistic skill is essential because you need to know how to create visually appealing and balanced designs that draw in the eyes, so people check out what the design is saying or what it looks like. If your artistic vision connects with the audience, you will become unstoppable.