After applying hundreds of keywords in blogs and webpages, improving a lot of technical aspects, and doing literally everything they can to improve a site’s SEO, some people still fail. And when I tell them that graphics designing is vital for SEO, some people are just not willing to believe it!

Yes, quality graphics designing does help websites to get a higher ranking. Here is how:

1.    Graphics Attract People

While implementing specific keywords can improve your website’s ranking, it does not add to the quality of your content. Along with good writing, using visuals is an excellent exercise for SEO. When you explain a complicated statistic or something else by beautiful and elegant graphics, people tend to be more engaged.

Some tests were done using eye trackers for websites, and the results conclude that web designing and good graphics play essential factors for any type of website, be it a business or a blog. With good graphics, you can also decrease your website’s bounce rate quickly. For those who are not familiar with the bounce rate, it is a rate that helps you determine how long users are staying on your website. And when your site’s bounce rate is low, you can enjoy higher ranking!

2.    Conveying Large Information

Good graphics let you describe a lot of things easily. And it also allows people to understand something without a lot of effort. For example, an Asian or South American person is looking for something on the web, and the person does not have a good hold of English. By seeing the pictures and other graphics, the person can find what they were looking for. But this is just one of many examples of how graphics designing helps a website’s search ranking.

You can also ensure the targeted audience whenever your post is getting shared on social media. People will look at the pictures before reading the text, and when you got impressive graphics, there is no reason for anyone not to visit your site!

3.    Brand Identity

If you look at big and successful companies and businesses, it is self-evident that brand identity is amongst the vital elements of success. For example, some casino websites like Bet365 and 1xBet have unique design and structure on their website. Those graphics get connected to their brand’s name, and whenever you see such designs anywhere on the internet, it reminds you of the specific casino website.

Large and smart brands do not back up from creating unique designs and attaching it to their brand to increase their brand identity. And as it helps them reach more people, we can conclude that good graphic design is a distinctive element of SEO.

Conclusion: Whether you are focusing on SEO or just making a good identity of your business, there is a requirement of good graphics design, and there is no question about it. I have worked with companies and SEO teams who understood the importance of SEO for graphics designing. And if you ask me, even though it is a small part of the SEO project, it has a big difference!