The only downside to freelance graphic design is that you have to seek out your clients. It’s not like with a business where people typically go to the business directly to with the work they need done. It does sometimes happen where a former client of mine will refer a new client to my freelance graphic design business and they come to me. It doesn’t always happen though, so I don’t rely on doing business that way.

Making your own website of your freelance graphic design business is a great way to draw in new clients. Keep the website updated with recent jobs. A modern look to your website is important too. You don’t want a visually ugly website, because graphic design is all about creating attractive designs. If a client is looking for some cool graphics and they see your subpar website, they will be completely turned off and not want to do business with you. I can see if you are just starting your freelance graphic design business and you can only create a simple website at first. However, do what you can to still make it appear nice. As you grow your business, expand and improve your website.

The next tidbit of advice I have is to join a freelancer website and a business networking group in your area. This is a great way to be seen by other freelancers, clients and other businesses in your general area. I belong to a freelancer website and a business networking group in London. It is one of the easiest ways to draw in new customers. People will more readily make referrals to your business if they know you or if they spot you on several websites. In turn, I often refer people I come across to businesses in my business networking group.

I’ve also in the past contacted businesses that I think could do with my services. I’m not overly persistent, but it does help to send a friendly email to a business that you think you could do excellent work for and just say they can send you an email back if they are interested. That isn’t necessarily the best method, but it is good to be bold if you are are freelance graphic designer.

Overall, most customers will be drawn in to your freelance graphic design business by a good website and if you are listed in the telephone book.