Hey, Max Komazi here again and this blog is about some of the clients I have worked with in the past from the online gambling industry. I have done freelance work for many different businesses. Over the years, though, I have gained a lot more work from the online gambling industry. Online casinos are often looking for people to help improve the graphics and the entertaining fun of their games. Hiring freelance graphic designers, web developers, and freelance game developers allow the casino to only pay these types of workers when they need their work. They don’t have to keep them constantly on their payroll even when they don’t need their work for their online casino.

I’m definitely not complaining though. I like the flexibility of not constantly having to work for any certain business. Really, it is the magic or freelancing! I also get to do work in my own office area and not in a cubicle that was designed for a certain business. I like being able to set up my own desk and what kind of environment I have when I work. It makes me feel more comfortable and therefore, I am able to create better graphic design work, than what I would create in an uncomfortable or unfamiliar environment.

Some of the clients I’ve worked with from the online gambling industry include the likes of the online casinos: BGO Casino, Casumo Casino, Slotsmillion , and Mr. Green. I have additionally done freelance graphic design work for bitcoin casinos like DrakeCasino which also happens to be the developer king of casino slot machines like the slot Spiñata Grande. My work for the online gambling industry is often inspired by the classic look of casinos as well as with a modernized look that draws on the appeal of the glossy and pristinely computer-generated look of present-day video games. I also take inspiration from modern trends and add a little personal touch of my own that can be counted as a secret recipe. Evidently, I have become comfortable working with online casinos, and that is why I always try to seek out such clients. However, whenever I get a good opportunity for increasing my abilities, I am sure to take it!

Some might think why online casinos would hire unknown graphics designers for their tasks. Well, let me tell you, online casinos, especially the ones with a good reputation, checked my previous work, tested my abilities, and they confirmed the project with me. It is certainly not a piece of cake working with an online casino; however, skills and experience have always been the driving force of my career. Working with online casinos has taught me how massive the gambling industry is and how great of an approach an online casino takes just to stay relevant in the competition. And for being the best, good graphics is an extremely necessary feature, as people tend to be attracted to those!