The Amsterdam Casino Project

Working as a freelance graphic designer has opened so many new doors for me. Of course, working for clients in London is still one of my signatures as a designer. Especially because I know the market in the United Kingdom very well, I’m not interested in reducing my work in London. However, I’m considering expanding my services to Europe to increase my workflow so I can maybe open my own office someday. Recently, I’ve dived into my own personal development and noticed my desire to become an entrepreneur. It always fascinated me and maybe it’s now the time to make it happen. So make sure to read more, and get an idea of what I want to achieve.

Europe is a very big market when it comes to the online casino industry. Holland, in particular, has become one of the biggest operating online casino countries. Even though the Netherlands is struggling with the KSA at the moment, it still offers plenty of opportunities for graphic designers like me. I really believe Holland is well known for its popular and traditional Dutch design, which is implemented in almost anything. As a graphic designer, I always seek for more inspirational environments and that is exactly why Holland would be the perfect place for my new office. My dream office would be located in the heart of Amsterdam since it is very reachable for clients from different cities. The public transport to Amsterdam is just great, so there won’t be a limitation to reach my office in any way. Before Amsterdam, I was considering opening an office in Asia, Thailand. I’m working together with a friend of mine who is living in Thailand. We wanted to do a collaboration where the online casino gives away free bets and other fun stuff. Visit คาสิโนออนไลน์แจกเงิน เดิมพันฟรี if you want to know more about this subject or visitแบล็คแจ็ค/ if you want to know more about Blackjack, Roulette, online casino bonus and other casino games. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out between me and my friend, because I was 100% sure I want to live in Amsterdam!

Considering a good location is one thing, running a business in a new country is another thing. I can proudly say that I’ve already set the base on the Dutch market by contacted some of my old friends that are also working in the online casino industry. One contact person introduced me to a potential client who is operating in Amsterdam. He told me that Amsterdam Casino is still looking for a graphic designer for a long term based project. At the moment we’re setting up a clear contract for my type of services and I can start working for them immediately. For now, I will work from the UK and deliver my work through the use of the internet. Maybe in the future, if this project is still going, I will move to Amsterdam.

Hopefully, working with this client can open new doors in Holland. Would I miss London? Of course, I would, but I also believe sticking around in a city for years is not the best way to improve your skills. I’m really motivated to learn so much about graphic design in different cultures and that is also what I really like to do. Moving to Amsterdam would change my current lifestyle in so many ways and I look really forward to that. But for now, I have to park my thoughts about Amsterdam a little bit, since I haven’t even started working for Mobile Casinos. In September I will start with my first assignment which is still unknown to me. I bet it’s going to be something that needs to be created for their new online casino website. In the meantime, I will just keep continuing with daydreaming about Amsterdam.