How to Meet Clients for Your Freelance Graphic Design Business

The only downside to freelance graphic design is that you have to seek out your clients. It’s not like with a business where people typically go to the business directly to with the work they need done. It does sometimes happen where a former client of mine will refer a new client to my freelance graphic design business and they come to me. It doesn’t always happen though, so I don’t rely on doing business that way.

Making your own website of your freelance graphic design business is a great way to draw in new clients. Keep the website updated with recent jobs. A modern look to your website is important too. You don’t want a visually ugly website, because graphic design is all about creating attractive designs. If a client is looking for some cool graphics and they see your subpar website, they will be completely turned off and not want to do business with you. I can see if you are just starting your freelance graphic design business and you can only create a simple website at first. However, do what you can to still make it appear nice. As you grow your business, expand and improve your website.

The next tidbit of advice I have is to join a freelancer website and a business networking group in your area. This is a great way to be seen by other freelancers, clients and other businesses in your general area. I belong to a freelancer website and a business networking group in London. It is one of the easiest ways to draw in new customers. People will more readily make referrals to your business if they know you or if they spot you on several websites. In turn, I often refer people I come across to businesses in my business networking group.

I’ve also in the past contacted businesses that I think could do with my services. I’m not overly persistent, but it does help to send a friendly email to a business that you think you could do excellent work for and just say they can send you an email back if they are interested. That isn’t necessarily the best method, but it is good to be bold if you are are freelance graphic designer.

Overall, most customers will be drawn in to your freelance graphic design business by a good website and if you are listed in the telephone book.

Clients in the Online Gambling Industry that I Have Work With

Hey, Max Komazi here again and this blog is about some of the clients I have worked with in the past from the online gambling industry. I have done freelance work for many different businesses. Over the years though, I have gained a lot more work from the online gambling industry. Online casinos are often looking for people to help improve the graphics and the entertaining fun of their games. Hiring freelance graphic designers, web developers and freelance game developers allows the casino to only pay these types of workers when they need their work. They don’t have to keep them constantly on their payroll even when they don’t need their work for their online casino.

I’m definitely not complaining though. I like the flexibility of not constantly having to work for any certain business. I get also get to do work in my own office area and not in a cubicle that was designed for a certain business.  I like being able to set up my own desk and what kind of environment I have when I work. It makes me feel more comfortable and therefore I am able to create better graphic design work, than what I would create in  an uncomfortable environment.

Some of the clients I’ve worked with from the online gambling industry include the likes of the online casinos: BGO Casino, Casumo Casino, Slotsmillion and Mr. Green. I have additionally done freelance graphic design work for bitcoin casinos like DrakeCasino which also happens to be the developer king of casino slot machines like the slot Spiñata Grande. My work for the online gambling industry is often inspired by the classic look of casinos as well as with a modernized look that draws on the appeal of the glossy and pristinely computer generated look of present day video games.

A Little About the Online Gambling Industry

Surprisingly, the online gambling industry is actually rising in popularity among the masses. I viewed it as somewhat strange when my freelance graphic design business saw a rise in work from the online gambling industry for my talents. It isn’t so much that I dislike online gambling or gambling in general.  MY surprise was based on most people I know enjoying the thrill of going to a physical location to gamble away.

Ultimately a shift in perspective has risen up seemingly with the rise in popularity of online social media, online dating and even online gaming from the likes of Xbox and Playstation. That generation that has grown up with online angles to life have really taken more so to online gambling than to always going out to a casino. Of course, physical location casinos are still fun to hang out at with some friends or family. It just is far more convenient and alluring to many younger people to go on the net and visit your favorite online casino in a  matter of seconds while you are curled up on the sofa with your feet up or lying on your bed before you go to sleep. I myself have played more online casino games lately and specially the ones that offer casino free spins. If the interest strikes me, than actually going to a casino. I suppose I also do it so I understand what looks appealing with online casinos to help me improve my work for them. It is very easy and convenient though to just pop online to play some fun online casino games. It is somewhat similar to the appeal of playing on the Xbox live or Playstation online. I’ve even recommended my chums and family to visit online casinos more often simply because it is easy and fun to check out if that sort of thing interests you.

Education Needed to be a Freelance Graphic Designer

Education is key to making progress in any job field. Even the most simple job needs instruction and direction to understand how to handle it. As a graphic designer I needed proper training and understanding of my field and of the business world to succeed.

I took business courses at university and earned a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design to jump start my graphic design career. You can also get an Associate’s degree with a focus on graphic design or fine arts or a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts if you are interested in pursuing a career in graphic design. Some people even got the extra mile with a PhD in graphic design, but frankly that seems to be excessive to me and not practical. Most employers are happy enough if you earn a Bachelor’s and many are also content with an Associate’s degree. I suppose I find the PhD kind of excessive because clients should have to pay you more since you have higher education, yet a lot of clients or employers won’t want to hire you because they will have to pay you more. Unless you are willing to take a cut in pay of what your mind is worth from it’s education standards.

The second most important part of education and preparation for your career in graphic design, is to put together a portfolio. Portfolios are necessary if you want to succeed and draw in customers. You should start putting gone together while you are still at university working on your degree. That way you can jump right into the job market. Graphic designers portfolios can come in all forms, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box so you will stand out from the crowd. Your portfolio can be printed portfolios in a book format or you can put together a portfolio on a website, a cd or a  DVD. I myself have both a book format portfolio with my best work, a mini portfolio available on my website and a DVD format to showcase my talent with moving graphic design.