How to Meet Clients for Your Freelance Graphic Design Business

The only downside to freelance graphic design is that you have to seek out your clients. It’s not like with a business where people typically go to the business directly to with the work they need done. It does sometimes happen where a former client of mine will refer a new client to my freelance graphic […]

Clients in the Online Gambling Industry that I Have Work With

Hey, Max Komazi here again and this blog is about some of the clients I have worked with in the past from the online gambling industry. I have done freelance work for many different businesses. Over the years though, I have gained a lot more work from the online gambling industry. Online casinos are often looking for people […]

A Little About the Online Gambling Industry

Surprisingly, the online gambling industry is actually rising in popularity among the masses. I viewed it as somewhat strange when my freelance graphic design business saw a rise in work from the online gambling industry for my talents. It isn’t so much that I dislike online gambling or gambling in general.  MY surprise was based […]

Education Needed to be a Freelance Graphic Designer

Education is key to making progress in any job field. Even the most simple job needs instruction and direction to understand how to handle it. As a graphic designer I needed proper training and understanding of my field and of the business world to succeed. I took business courses at university and earned a Bachelor’s degree […]